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Addendum #1-Food Management Services for 13 Elementary Schools RFP

Addendum #1
Food Management Services for 13 Elementary Schools 

Kitchen Installation/Renovations 

If there is any work required in any of the kitchens, the contractor will be required to follow the same protocols for any renovation project within the school district. This will include, but is not limited to, at least the following: 
  •  Submission of a full set of plans and specification for the project that will include at the minimum: 
            o Floor plans to include demolition plans of all equipment, walls, HVAC, plumbing etc.
            o Relocation of any walls. 
            o Complete set of mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Any changes to HVAC and electrical systems must                      include stamped engineered drawings.
            o All fire alarm and sprinkler work will require stamped engineered drawings. Review and integration of these                  systems into the building systems is a requirement. 
            o All work will need to be done according to City specifications. 
  • These plans will need to be submitted to the city’s Facilities Division for review and approval. 
  • Building permits from the Building Department are required. 
  • The installation/renovation contractor will need to abide by a standard city construction contract. This contract will include various insurance standards, hours of work, and standard city warrantees. 
  • Contractor will provide meters for all utilities to be connected to the city building automation systems. 
  • All work performed by the city facilities division for construction management and inspections will be reimbursed to the City of Manchester.