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Band Uniforms, Accessories and Storage Supplies RFP-Addendum #1 dated 5-14-19

Band Uniforms, Accessories and Storage Supplies RFP

Addendum #1 (Dated 5-14-19)

“The specifications were deliberately left vague to allow interested suppliers to propose options based on their experience as leaders in the industry.  Upon selection of a supplier, the district intends to work closely with the designated supplier representative to address custom design details and concerns within the overall budget for the uniforms to come up with a final design.  This will allow for some stylistic differentiation between the Drum Major and Band Member uniforms.  At that point, a sample uniform may be appropriate before completion of the balance of the request.  In addition, quantities may be adjusted.”

Below is some additional clarifying information to assist participating vendors with their response to our original posted RFP dated 5-10-19.


1.      When would the sample of the uniform need to be provided?


The district expects bidders to provide a suggested design of uniform jackets and sample fabric with its bid proposal. The sample uniform would not be manufactured until the district makes its selection for a vendor.  Prior to the sample being made, the vendor representative and the district would agree upon the font, style and location of “Manchester Central” lettering.  The district anticipates that the sample or mockup uniform would be provided and agreed upon by the parties before the remaining 199 uniforms are manufactured.


2.      Please provide additional information about the district’s thoughts regarding jacket design.


The district is replacing 23-year-old uniform jackets that are primarily white with green accents.  The white of the jackets has become very stained and yellowed, so the district wishes the new jacket design to be primarily green and black with thin white trim accents. With respect to closure, the district would prefer zipper closures. The district would prefer black or green sleeves and no white cuffs.  With respect to lettering, the district refers bidders to the Manchester Central athletics website for examples of how “Manchester Central” and the Central “C” have been printed on varsity uniforms:


3.      Please provide additional information about the shako and district preferences for the “C” on the shako.  Please note:  with respect to the Central “C”, please see:


The shako hats should have a chin strap.