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Common Core State Standards Curriculum Alignment Q&A

 Questions/Answers pertaining to Common Core State Standards (CCSS)-Curriculum Alignment RFP dated 3-29-13


1.  Question:  Can you tell me if this is a bid for services relating to aligning curriculum or a bid for actual curriculum that has been aligned?  TouchMath has math curriculum for Kindergarten through second grade that is aligned to the common core state standards?


     Answer:  This is a bid for services aligning curriculum.  The district is not seeking to purchase new programs.


2.  Question:  The subject RFP includes a section “Contents of the Proposal” under which is a mixture of requirements of the vendor and proposal content.  Items 2, 3, 4 & 5 are content related, and others are requirements or information for the vendor proposing.  Item 9, Proposal Summary is referenced under item 10, Costs, as being limited to two pages. Is the Proposal Summary to be the contents of the proposal that covers items 2, 3, 4 and 5 or is it to be a separate description?  If the latter is there a page limit for the proposal itself?


     Answer:  Item 9 as a separate item is limited to two pages.  Otherwise there is no page limit requirement.  Items 2, 3, 4 & 5 do not have to be part of that two pages.


3.  Question:  Re: requirement #3, "providing on-site facilitation during the summer of 2013 to meet the needs of varying levels of understanding and alignment of CCSS..." Can you clarify what is meant by varying levels of understanding  (for example, are there varying understandings around CCSS, developing curriculum planning guides, both)? 


     Answer:  The level of understanding of the CCSS's themselves varies. The consultant should be able to provide a plan for developing the curriculum planning guides.

4.  Question:  Related to the "varying levels of understanding" can you provide an approximate percentage of your staff (participants in the on-site facilitation) that have novice, intermediate or advanced levels of understanding of CCSS?


 Answer:   There are likely few staff at advanced levels of understanding the CCSS. An estimate of over half to be at an intermediate level of understanding is probably accurate.


5.  Question:  How is the district envisioning the on-site facilitation (ie. 1-2 day workshops at each grade level, multiple workshops throughout the summer, etc)?


     Answer:   This is really up to the consultant to present. The district does not want to stifle any ideas, keeping in mind that summer is the planned time for the work to be completed.


6.  Question:  Approximately how many participants will be involved in these summer on-site facilitation workshops, and will the audience be primarily classroom teachers, school administrators or a combination of district employees? 


     Answer:   The audience will be primarily classroom teachers. There will be approximately 5 teachers per grade level K-5 and 4 per grade level 6-8.


7.  Question:  Please articulate how the district will evaluate project success at the end of the initial contract (August 31, 2013).


     Answer:  Success would be indicated by a complete set of curriculum planning guides K - 8 in mathematics and ELA.