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Common Core State Standards RFP Q & A 4-01-13

 Questions/Answers pertaining to Common Core State Standards (CCSS)-Curriculum Alignment RFP dated 4-01-13


1.  Question:  How many teachers will participate in the training? What grade levels?


     Answer:  About 5 per grade level K - 5 and 4 per grade level 6 – 8.


2.  Question:  Who is expected to develop CCSS-aligned curriculum guides?? If administrators do this, how many administrators will participate in the training? What grade levels will be represented?


     Answer:  K - 8 will be represented and teachers and facilitator are expected to develop aligned guides.


3.  Question:  Will all trainings occur at one site?? How many days of training are expected?


     Answer:  Trainings will occur on site. Bidders should prepare a plan with the number of days they anticipate the process will take.


4.  Question:  How extensive a needs assessment and review of existing curriculum for alignment with CCSS by the vendor does the district anticipate?


     Answer:   Needs assessment and review will probably not need to be too extensive.


5.  Question:  Does the district have a specific budget amount set aside for this work?


     Answer:   Yes, there is a budget. Again, bidders should prepare a plan that is reasonable and complete.