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Milk RFP-Questions & Answers 8-06-13

Questions pertaining to Milk RFP

August 6, 2013

      QCould you send last year’s winning bid prices? 

      A. Yes, see information below.

Q. Do you require fixed pricing, variable pricing, or do you require both price models? 

A.    We require variable pricing. 

      Q. Can you expand or elaborate on the delivery needs and requirements for the schools involved in this bid? 

      A. Our current vendor provides a delivery calendar with order days and delivery days indicated. Our schools order for next day delivery.                      Deliveries typically occur on Monday, Wednesday, Friday one week and Tuesday, Thursday the next week. Holiday weeks and school                close down period delivery schedules are coordinated with the vendor by the School District designated contact person. Deliveries must                occur prior to 11AM on designated delivery day. 

      Q. Can you clarify number of schools to be covered by this bid? 

      A. 4 High Schools, 4 Middle Schools, 14 Elementary Schools. 

      Q. Please advise on equipment needs for the schools involved in this bid. 

       A. We currently have approximately the following equipment:

                                          7---8 case coolers

                                          7---12 case coolers

                                         18---16 case coolers    


                                                              Manchester School District Milk Bid Results

                                                                                        July 2012

HP Hood
        units                                      price  
Item          per             case                                     per unit                            Comments
8 oz strawberry Fat Free milk 50 $0.1717  
8 oz 1%  milk 50 $0.1573  
8 oz chocolate Fat Free milk  50 $0.1655  
Gal 1% milk 4 $2.2970  
8 oz whole milk 50 $0.1750  
8 oz 2% milk 50 $0.1656  
8 oz skim milk 50 $0.1554  
8 oz lactose free milk fat free 100+calcium 20 $0.4350  
8 oz lactose free choc milk fat free 100+calcium 20    
Sour cream 5 lb tub 4 $5.1760  
All 8oz milk items to be in recyclable paper cartons.
All milk to be pasteurized fluid milk containing vitamins A and D at levels specified by FDA, and 
consistent with State and local standards.
Bid pricing based on Northeast Federal Milk Market Order #1 for July 2012 and will fluctuate monthly.