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Question & Answers dated 6-21-13-WM RFP

Questions/Answers pertaining to Recycling and Solid Waste Collection RFP dated 6-21-13

1.  Question:  Do you have the bid results from the last bid?

     Answer:  Please email at the District Office for

     the requested information.

 2.  Question:  What size recycling bins are the classrooms provided with?

     Answer:   The bin size for the classrooms should be approximately

     14 gallon (21” x 16” x 14 ¾”) if possible.

3.  Question:  What is the volume and how often does the district get a

     pickup for florescent bulbs and recycle battery pickup?  

     Answer:   Currently, we have not had the need for pickup of batteries.

     There may be a need in the future but that remains unknown.     

     Below is a listing of the schools this past year that used the current 

     Waste Management Lamp Tracker Program for the recycling of our

     florescent bulbs.  The list shows the number of times these schools had

     a pickup during this past school year.  The boxes are 4 ft boxes that

     accommodate roughly 75 bulbs per box.

     Bakersville               1

     Central                     3

     Green Acres            2

     Hillside                     1

     Jewett                      2

     McDonough            2

     McLaughlin             3

     Memorial                  5

     MST                         2

     Northwest                1

     Parker Varney         2

     Parkside                  3

     West                         6

     Weston                    2       

4.  Question:  Is a copy of your current contract with Waste Management

     available and what are they charging you?

     Answer:   Please email at the District Office for

     the requested information.

5.  Question:  Who is your current provider for Solid Waste and Recycling?

     Answer:   Waste Management is our current service provider for Solid

     Waste and Recycling at the Manchester School District.

 6.  Question:  Will there be a price lock for the term of the contract?

     Answer:   Yes, we are looking for responder’s prices to be locked for

     the term of the contract.