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Questions and Answers dated 12-19-17 pertaining to the: Fiber Network Expansion to Weston School RFP, Fiber Network Expansion to Highland-Goffe's Falls School RFP and Fiber Network Connectivity to West High School RFP

Q1: Is the Senior Center a node on the dark fiber network?

A1: Yes. As stated in the RFP the City has unused dark fiber that is willing to give to the school as part of this project.   The district is willing to consider bids that leverage the existing dark fiber which the city owns.   If the vendor is bidding a solution that involves leveraging the existing dark fiber, the Senior Center is the closest point where West High School could be connected to the existing dark fiber.    The district is willing to consider any bids that provide the required connectivity in a cost effective manner, regardless of whether or not the cities’ existing dark fiber is used.

Q2: Is City Center a node on the dark fiber network?

A2: I’m not sure what City Center refers to.  If it is City Hall, then yes, they are a part of the existing network.  As indicated in the RFP the district’s currently owns fiber that terminates at One City Hall Plaza and this RFP is requesting connectivity from West High School to One City Hall Plaza.  

Q3: What are all the nodes on the dark fiber network if we do NOT use any existing city/school owned fiber?

A3: The only dark fiber the city is willing to offer as part of this project is what is listed within the RFP.  The district does not have any dark fiber.     

Q4: Does the interior work at the schools needed to be done after hours or not?

A4: Work is allowed during the day, however only with a school district employee overseeing the installation.  Criminal background checks would also need to be completed for all employees at your company prior to any work being performed in the school at your company's expense.  Our expectation is that safety measures will be taken at all times to ensure the safety of the students and staff as you may be working in common areas.  We also expect that no service downtime will happen during school hours.

Q5: Can you provide the names and companies of the vendors that were present at the walk through at each school?

A5: The same 4 vendors were present at of the walk throughs of West High School, Weston Elementary, and Highland-Goffes Falls.  The vendors were

  • White Mountain Cable

  • FirstLight

  • Comcast

  • Fairpoint Communications

Q6: Do you have union requirements for all of your projects?

A6:  There are no union requirements for these projects.  

Q7: Can you confirm our VISIO ? Is this the Dark Fiber configuration you want us to bid on?

A7: The district has issued three separate RFPs:

RFP 1: Requests bids to provide connectivity from the district’s new administration building located at West High School (9 Notre Dame Ave) to One City Hall Plaza (where the district owned WAN currently terminates).   

RFP 2: Requests bids to provide connectivity from Highland-Goffe’s Falls School at 20121 Goffe’s Falls Rd to West High School (9 Notre Dame Ave)

RFP 3: Requests bids to provide connectivity from Weston Elementary School at1066 Hanover Street to West High School (9 Notre Dame Ave)

As stated in the RFPs the district is not predisposed to one network design over another, but there is existing dark fiber, which the city is giving to the district, that can be leveraged.   Vendors are not required to submit bids that leverage the existing dark fiber owned by the City.   Please note the above diagram shows two strands.  If dark fiber is used the district expects to light four strands not two.   

Q8: Would then the West High School be the head end?

A8: West High School at 9 Notre Dame Ave will the location for the district office.   The district currently owns fiber that terminates at One City Hall Plaza.  The purpose of this RFP is to replace existing infrastructure, which is end of life, with either a lit fiber, dark fiber, self-provisioned fiber, or services over any third party network.   

Q9: Can we bid 10 Gig Switches other than Cisco?

A9: As indicated under hardware requirements for the Weston and Highland bids please    provide based upon the following:

QTY 1 - Cisco Catalyst 3850 24 port 10 GB fiber switch MFG# WS-C3850-24XS-s or  equivalent.

QTY 2 - Cisco MGBLX1 Gigabit Ethernet LX Mini GBIC SFP Transceiver or equivalent

The district is willing to consider bids for equivalent equipment.  If a vendor bids equivalent equipment they must provide documentation demonstrating that the equipment is equivalent and will function seamlessly with existing equipment.  

Q10: If West High School is the head end, for a lit services option , would you want an A to B, A to C, A to D Ethernet Line point to point solution or are you looking at a any to any , Ethernet LAN design?

A10: There is no head end, so no design work is needed.