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Questions and Answers dated 3-19-18 pertaining to the Elevator & Chair Lift Maintenance and Inspection Services RFP

  1.  Will there/has there already been a walk through for this bid? 

Answer:  There will be no walk through for this RFP. 

  1. We do not offer Additional Insured on contract less than Full Service.  We do; however, offer an OCPL.  Can this be an alternative or are there no qualifications allowed? 

Answer:  Our Risk Management Department has confirmed that upon award of this RFP we would need to be listed as an Additional Insured.  There can be no exceptions with this requirement as is spelled out in the RFP. 

  1. Are the 2015 bid results public knowledge?  

Answer:  Yes, this information is public knowledge.  The results can be found by following this link: 

Once you get on that page, select the 2015-06-08FinanceAgenda item.  The results are on page 46-48 on the agenda.