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Questions and Answers dated 4-10-19 pertaining to the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Science and Art Academic Enrichment Instruction RFP

Question 1: In Section IV, Subsection Y the RFP states "the successful bidder will be required to carry... Automobile and Truck Liability with a combined single limit of $1,000,000." What is the intent of this coverage? As this contract does not require transportation of students or supplies owned by the district, we are not entirely certain this is applicable. Could you please clarify?

Answer: All vendors who will be working with the district are required to satisfy the insurance requirements as listed in section IV. Selection Process-Item Y.  With regards to the requirement for Auto and Truck Liability, any vendor hired by the district and will have vehicles on district property will need proof of this coverage for a their owned, hired and non-owned vehicles assigned or used in performance of the vendor's work. While you may not be transporting district students or supplies there is every chance a child or staff member could be injured, or property damage could occur while a vehicle is on our property. As such, to protect and minimize the district's liability exposure we are looking for verification of this coverage.