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Questions and Answers pertaining to the 2018 Fall, 2018 Winter & 2019 Spring Sports Supplies and Equipment RFP dated 3-06-18

Question #1:   

I have a question regarding the Bid Spreadsheet. On a few lines we will be biding items that meet the criteria of the requested item but may have a different brand name or a slightly different unit of measure. I was wondering if you need that information supplied in detail in the Bid Spreadsheet and if so which column you need the information under. I was attempting to fit it in the “Product Equal” column along with our company item numbers, but due to the protected view was unable format the column so that all of the information was visible? 

Answer:  A revised copy of the bid spreadsheet correcting this issue can be received by contacting Tammy Hanna via email at

Question #2:  Is there anything/anywhere that has what some of the uniforms need as far as decoration? Such as what colors or size numbers? It will make a difference in pricing. If not, I can assume what is going on them, but it might not be accurate to what is needed.

Answer:   All school names will be on uniforms.  Most of the names will be one color-white.  When the uniform is in white, color will be used.  (Red, green and royal). At times, the school logo will be on the shirts. This is a very small amount of teams.  

For number sizing:

 1) Soccer: 6" on the back, 4" on the front. 

2) Basketball & Softball handbook says nothing about a specific size just that the numbers all be the same size, which we believe 6" would be appropriate.