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Questions and Answers pertaining to the Benefits Consulting Services RFP dated 11-01-19

1.  Question:   Who is the District’s current benefits consultant? 

     Answer:   HUB International New England DBA Workplace Benefits  


2.  Question:  What is the current annual compensation from all sources          

     paid to the benefits consultant for the requested scope of services?   

     Answer:   The current annual compensation for the scope of services is  

     approximately $188,000.

3.  Question:   Does the District prefer a commission or fee arrangement?

     Answer:    The District will consider either option.

4.  Question:  Why are they looking for a new broker/consultant?

     Answer:     Our procurement code requires a Request for Proposal


 5.  Question:    Who are they with now, how long—what are the


     Answer:     HUB International New England DBA Workplace Benefits  

     Solutions, 10 years. 

6.  Question:    How often does the healthcare committee meet? 

     Answer:    There is no healthcare committee.  The Administration meets

     at least monthly with the consultant.    

7.  Question:    Who makes up the committee? 

     Answer:     N/A 

8.  Question:    How long have they been with their current carriers for Med,

     Life/Acc/Dis, etc? 

     Answer:    Medical and dental 20+ years, Stop Loss 2+ years, Life 5+


9.  Question:    Says they like to market annually? 

     Answer:     Depending on the product it could be annual or longer. 

10.  Question:    Is there any chance the deadline has been extended from

       the original 11/8 date? 

      Answer:   Unfortunately, no, the deadline has not been extended

      beyond deadline in the RFP of Friday, November 8, 2019 @10:00 AM. 

11.  Question:    Can you tell me who bid the last time the School District

       went out to bid? 

      Answer:     The results can be obtained by following the instructions

      below or by emailing Tammy Hanna at the district office at: 


·        Follow this link:

·        Select the document labeled 2016-01-11 FINANCE

·        Go to page 30 of the document to see the results.