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Questions and Answers pertaining to the Commodity Internet Services for Manchester School District RFP dated 11-26-19

1.) QUESTION: During the walkthrough it was indicated that we would be able to send our interior cabling techs out to review and measure the ingress path from the MPOE(Minimum Point of Entry) to the requested demarc locations in order to provide an accurate quote – what is the process for arranging these follow-up surveys?

RESPONSE: Yes.  Any vendor that participated in the mandatory walk-through can come back and take measurements if needed to provide an accurate quote. 

Please contact Nicholas Buroker at (603) 624-6300 Ext. 139.  Nick can work out a date and time for your site visit.

 2.) QUESTION:  Could we request the RFPs in word format please?

RESPONSE:  It is not our process to send out RFPs in a word version format. In doing so it would make it difficult to do the assessments should those with the word version alter the  specs and spreadsheets as we prepare them.