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Questions and Answers pertaining to the District Firewall Upgrade RFP dated 11-26-19

1.) QUESTION: If we can scale down the number of firewalls, how will the remote sites connect to the sites listed with the 5g or 10g internet speed?  Is there dark fiber between sites that you plan on utilizing for the remote sites to connect to the firewall?

RESPONSE: Yes.  There is an E-rate fiber project that will close the loop between our schools.

 2.) QUESTION: Please confirm that you will not have a need for comcast broadband at each facility anymore as these locations would still need a physical connection?

 RESPONSE: No. we will not need broadband unless the fiber E-Rate project is not approved.  In that instance, we will need to continue existing service to our schools.

3.) QUESTION: Will the new ISP be providing routers and a hand off to the firewalls?  Or is routing to any of the schools expected as part of this project?

RESPONSE: Yes, it will be providing a handoff to the firewalls, but not routers.  The district will handle the routing to the other schools.

The bid sheet indicates we should quote installation.

4.) QUESTION: Will we have access to the existing configurations?

RESPONSE: Yes, you will have access to whatever configurations required to complete the installation.

5.) QUESTION: Are we expected to decommission and remove (physically and from the dashboard) the firewalls that are being replaced?

RESPONSE: No.  The District IT staff will decommission the old firewalls.

6.) QUESTION: Will we be expected to set up client VPN connections (Meraki does not use a client based VPN but instead uses Windows so we typically rely on staff IT to set these up; we can provide instructions)

RESPONSE: No, there are no VPN connections planned at this time.

7.) QUESTION: Is this a Summer 2020 project and is it dependent on E-Rate funding approval?

RESPONSE: This will be a spring 2020 project if timelines permit and the project is approved by USAC.  This project is dependent on E-Rate funding, however; the District plans on completing this project before 1 July 2020 using district funds.  The district will then seek reimbursement from E-Rate after project completion, however, if funding isn’t approved by the board, the district will complete the project after 1 July and seek the standard reimbursement through USAC.

 8.) QUESTION:  Could we request the RFPs in word format please?

RESPONSE:  It is not our process to send out RFPs in a word version format. In doing so it would make it difficult to do the assessments should those with the word version alter the  specs and spreadsheets as we prepare them.