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Questions and Answers pertaining to the Fiber Loop between West, Central and Memorial High Schools RFP dated 11-26-19

Related to OPT 1 self provisioned 

 The RFP (Section 1.B:10) calls out upgrading SFP modules at 22 schools. 

1.) QUESTION: Please provide a quantity of SFP's required (ie 2 per school - 44 total?)

RESPONSE: There are 46 SFP modules that need to be upgraded which includes the district office.

2.) QUESTION: Please provide a spec on the specific SFPs required (for example the SFPs uses in Weston school were a 1000BASE-BX10-D  / GLC-BX-D compatible spec).

RESPONSE: Any SFP comparable to MA-SFP-10GB-LR 

3.) QUESTION: Please provide a listing of the 22 locations to be swapped out


1.     Bakersville, 20 Elm St, 03101    

2.     Beech St, 333 Beech St, 03103 

3.     Gossler Park, 145 Parkside Ave, 03102 

4.     Green Acres, 100 Jack Lovering Dr, 03109        

5.     Hallsville, 275 Jewett St, 03103 

6.     Highland-Goffe’s Falls, 1 Beatrice Lawrence Dr, 03103

7.     Jewett, 130 S Jewett St, 03103  

8.     McDonough, 550 Lowell St, 03104         

9.     Northwest, 300 Youville St, 03102         

10.  Parker-Varney, 223 James A. Pollock Dr., 03102

11.  Smyth Rd, 245 Bruce Rd, 03104

12.  Webster, 2519 Elm St, 03104    

13.  Weston, 7 Michigan Ave, 03104                          

14.  Wilson, 555 Cedar St, 03103

15.  Hillside Middle, 112 Reservoir Ave, 03104          

16.  McLaughlin Middle, 201 Jack Lovering Dr., 03109          

17.  Middle School at Parkside, 75 Parkside Ave, 03102        

18.  Southside Middle, 300 S Jewett St, 03103

19.  Central High, 535 Beech St, 03104        

20.  Memorial High, 1 Crusader Way, 03103 

21.  West High, 9 Notre Dame Ave, 03102    

22.  MST, 100 Gerald Connors Circle, 03103

23.   District Office, 20 Hecker St, Manchester NH, 03102

Related to OPT V: Network Electronics   

"..electronics required to light the self provisioned fiber...."

4.) QUESTION: Please provide a spec/part number required for the compatible electronics as well as a quantity required.

RESPONSE: Model Number Meraki MS225-48P (3 Each)

5.) QUESTION:  Could we request the RFPs in word format please?

RESPONSE:  It is not our process to send out RFPs in a word version format. In doing so it would make it difficult to do the assessments should those with the word version alter the specs and spreadsheets as we prepare them.

6.)  QUESTION:  Would it be possible to extend the period for this RFP from Monday 11/25 to 12/9?  We would like to give us a chance to review/determine the entire pathway needed for these fiber links and any potential questions that will arise from that process.

RESPONSE:  That will not be possible.  We have a very short window to keep in compliance with USAC’s rules and requirements.  If we push beyond the 25th we will not have enough time to have the bids come back to us and evaluated and to our boards for approval before the filing window closes.