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Questions and Answers pertaining to the Legal Services RFP dated 10-17-19

1.  Question:  As an attorney we are required to have a Professional Liability policy.  Based on the type of liability policy we have our insurance carrier will not allow us to add the City of Manchester and Manchester School District to be added as a “Additional Insureds”.   How should we approach this requirement?

       Answer:   The district understands that in the case of Professional Liability insurance policies we can not be listed as “Additional Insureds”. Our requirement would be for bidders to provide the district with proof of all insurance coverages the firm and/or their employees carry with respects to legal services.

 2.   Question:  The General Bidder Certification notes it requires bidders to comply with all criminal records check requirements for its employees. If we do not order criminal background checks on our attorneys how should we address this requirement?

       Answer:  Bidders should answer this question to the best of their ability and make any special notation they feel relevant to expand on their internal process with regards to this requirement for criminal background checks.