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Questions and Answers pertaining to the Nursing Services RFP dated 3-22-17

  Questions and Answers pertaining to the Nursing Services RFP dated 3/22/17

  1. What was the annual expenditure for nursing services the last school year?


  1. Does the district intend to award multiple vendors?

         The district intends to award to one vendor and possibly one or two backup vendors.

  1. What are the required documents for the providers to start working in the district?  Fingerprints, State License, Criminal Background Check, TB Test, any other?

          State License, Criminal Background Check, and Fingerprints

  1. How much lead time will selected agencies have to prepare for interviews?

         Minimum of 1 week

  1. Who are the current vendors? Rates? How many providers were provided by current vendor?

         Vendor and Rate per hour: Ready Nurse, Interim Healthcare, Maxm Healthcare, Silvertouch. There are currently 18                      providers.

  1. Are therapists required to keep a service log?


  1. Is the district open to new graduates?


  1. Will the district provide supervision for new graduates?