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Questions and Answers pertaining to the Speech/Language Services RFP dated 3-22-17

Questions and Answers pertaining to the Speech/Language Services RFP dated 3-22-17

  1. What are the projected weekly hours of service for O.T., PT, and SLP?

30-35 Hours per week

  1. If the hours are on an as need basis, how many hours weekly hours did the OT, PT, or Speech work during the 2016-2017 school year?The hours were not on an as need basis

  1. What would be the payment terms of the district?


  1. To pay invoices, does the board meet monthly to release payment for the month? Do you remit payment only once per month? If so, do you have a calendar of the board meeting dates?

          Yes, the board meets monthly and a calendar of meetings will be made available

  1. Who will be the representative from the Manchester School District to determine which materials/equipment are required for the services?

Staff members in the Student Services Department

  1. Will therapists have access to internet capabilities, computers/laptops/Ipads, office supplies, fax/copy machine at the Manchester School District?


  1. How many hours did the OT, PT, and SLP work during the 16-17 school year?

30-35 Hours per week

  1. How many working days will the OT, PT, and SLP work during the school year? (180 days or less?)

175 or less

  1. Do you require vendors to guarantee the provision of services, or is it understood that vendors will begin recruiting on a best efforts basis upon contract award?


  1. Can we incur any penalties or be liable for any damages for not having a PT/OT/SLP available upon your school’s request in a timely manner or would your school terminate the RFP contract with our company?


  1. Can vendors submit for one service category?


  1. We are located in FL and do not have an office in the State of New Hampshire. Is it your preference for a company to have an office in NH?

         No. However, the laws of NH apply.

  1. Will the district consider certified therapy assistants/SLPA?


  1. How many SLPs do you foresee needing for the 2017-2018 school year?


  1. Are testing materials/equipment provided by the district?


   16. What was the annual expenditure for Speech services the last school year?


   17. What is the caseload?

30-40 Students

   18. Does the district intend to award multiple vendors?


   19. What are the required documents for the providers to start working in the district?  Fingerprints,  

         State License, Criminal Background Check, TB Test, any other?

         State License, Criminal Background Check, and Fingerprints

   20. In the event that the district will find a permanent employee of the district and our services will

         no longer be needed, will the district provide the awarded vendor with a 30 day termination

         written notice?

Yes. See RFP.

   21. How will awardees be notified? See RFP

   22. How will proposals be evaluated and weighted? See RFP

   23. How many working days will be in the school year for contracted providers?

Less than 175

   24. Have our current providers been able to meet all of your needs?


   25. Are testing materials/equipment provided by the district?


   26. How much lead time will selected agencies have to prepare for interviews?

         A minimum of one week

   27. Who are the current vendors? Rates? How many providers were provided by current vendor?

     Vendor and hourly rate:

Boothby $90.00, Comphealth $75.00, EBS Healthcare $70.00, Janice O’Shea $75.00, Mary Shain $90.00, PPR/ LLC $70.00, Pro

Care $72.00, Progresses Therapy $71.00, SERESC $75.00, Soliant $73.00, , Theresa Evertt $55.00, Toby Freeman $150.00

   28. Are therapists required to keep a service log?


   29. Is the district open to new graduates?


   30. Will the district provide supervision for new graduates?