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Questions & Answers dated 05/07/20 pertaining to the Band Uniforms, Accessories & Storage Supplies RFP

1.  Question: When we worked on Manchester Central last year, I believe there was a $ 70,000 ceiling for spending on this project.  Is there a budget or ceiling on this purchase? 

Answer: Our proposed budget for this project is currently $70,000.  We are however awaiting approval of our FY21 budget.

2.  Question: The design and style specs are very ambiguous and do not provide enough detailed information of the uniform.  I've attached and highlighted the section in question.  Also attached is a copy of the design specs we wrote for Central as well as a picture of the actual uniform and sketches.

 Answer: We are not intending to have the exact same uniform as Central, but do like some aspects of it. We are looking for a uniform that is a little contemporary, but has a touch of traditional. For example, page 10 of the Stanbury catalog similar to those in the “Wilde Lake” line, with a 3 color design; primarily Royal Blue and Black with White accent.