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Questions & Answers dated 05/26/20 pertaining to the Facilities Audit for Space Utilization Plan RFP

1.       Question:  Does Manchester SD have a target budget in mind? 

Answer:  We do not have a budget projected for this project at this time.  

2. Question:  What prompted Manchester SD to seek this project?  

Answer:  As our enrollment continues to decline, we require a long term plan that expands upon previous studies completed. 

3. Question: A similar RFP was released in 2017 from Manchester SD (Long-Range Facilities Plan).  Do you have information on who won the project back then, or if the district picked a winner at all?  

    Answer:  CMK Architects was awarded the 2017 project. 

4. Question:  Does the district have current (recently developed) enrollment projections and, if so, will those be available to the consultant awarded the project?            

Answer:  We have enrollment projections from our 2017 Facilities Audit, and they will be available. 

5.  Question:  In section VII. Content of Proposals J. is the school   district saying that they will not incur costs for ANY secretarial   services, travel, etc. or just stating that once the initial fee has   been agreed upon that the district will not incur any   ADDITIONAL costs above and beyond what was agreed to? If   neither of these is the correct interpretation can you please   clarify?              

 Answer:  Any and all costs shall be included in the proposal.     No additional costs will be accepted. 

6. Question:  Does the District have digital building drawings or hard copies? If digital, how are the drawings formatted? 

   Answer:  The School District does have digital  

   building drawings in PDF & CAD formats. 

7. Question:  Does the District have a standard for inventorying and codifying space that they currently use and would like to continue using?             

Answer:  We do not currently have a standard. 

8. Question:  Will the District share the Facilities Condition Assessment currently on file for review, or can the District share if the assessment contains room-by-room or building level inspection details?  

Answer:  The FCA is high-level and includes major systems and building components.  The FCA does not include room-by-room levels of inspection. 

9. Question:  Does the District expect deliverables to have renovation and reconfiguration strategies on a classroom, building, or district-wide level?     

Answer:  The deliverables should include reconfiguration strategies on a building and district-wide level with suggestions on classroom strategies.