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Questions & Answers dated 12-10-15 pertaining to the Digital Telephone Service RFP

Questions/Answers dated 12-10-15 pertaining to Digital Telephone Service RFP

 1.  Question:  We would ask for clarification on Section 12 of the Terms and Conditions. I have looked on the website and do not see that this topic has been addressed.  


All awards of scope of work under this request are contingent upon approved E-Rate application and/or receipt of E-Rate funding awarded by the Schools and Libraries Division of USAC and approved by the Federal Communications Commission.  In addition, any award(s) of scope of work under this request may be contingent upon the District appropriating matching funds.  At the discretion of the District, if one hundred percent (100%) of the costs of the awarded scope of work is not E-Rate funded this quotation process and all related awards of scope of work under this request may be voided.  The District has full discretion to cancel or terminate the overall contract(s) (or Purchase Orders), or any portions, awarded. The successful vendor(s) will not be eligible to collect damages for cancellation of the contract under these conditions.

 What is the current funding % that Manchester receives under E-rate?

 Is the district aware and understands that voice specific services are now on a declining funding mechanism so that each year (we are in year 2) funding for voice related services is reduced by 20%? 

Given the above, it is highly improbable that 100% funding will be achieved, is the district willing to remove this clause or acknowledge that 100% funding will not be achieved?

 Answer:    The district is aware of the phase out.  This clause is intended for situations where the district is not approved 100 percent of the pre-discounted eligible charges.

 2.  Question:  Does the Samsung at each school have a current PRI card?

 Answer:    Yes

 3.  Question:    Does the district require both a PRI circuit and a SIP circuit for the 5 SIP trunks at each school?

 Answer:     There is currently a PRI in place using all channels. The SIP trunks are configured on the pbx with the host id, username, password, etc. We have 5 SIP trunk licenses activated on the system and work over the Comcast internet pipe.

 4.  Question:   Can the vendor hand off a PRI with 23 channels and 5 SIP trunks on a single access facility?

 Answer:     We currently don’t take the SIP trunks on a single access with the PRI.

 5.  Question:  Is the district looking for new phone systems at each school and if so, would you evaluate Hosted PBX systems? If not looking for new phone systems, is this a recontract to the PRIs you went out to bid for recently, and they are now out of contract?

 Answer:    As stated in the RFP we are not looking for a new phone system to replace out system, but instead this RFP is a recontract of the current PRI and SIP trucks we have at the Administration office and at each school. As stated on page 14, any solution offered must be compatible with the district’s current Samsung OfficeServ Model 7400 phone system.