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Questions & Answers dated 12-21-16 pertaining to the SIP and PRI Telephone Services

Questions/Answers dated 12-28-16 pertaining to the SIP and PRI Telephone Services RFP 

Question:  Our RFP team had a clarifying question.  In the pricing table of the BID the RFP states:

 "SIP Price Data -Summary Data -Dial tone only, no data" 

However, under the Technical Requirements section, the RFP states: 

RFP states under C. General Requirements 2. Cut-over to the new circuits will be scheduled by individual facility. 

Then it states... 

5. Most of the schools are connected together through a private fiber which could be utilized as a backup connectivity but for the primary connectivity, the district desires that each school has its own SIP Trunk or PRI circuit wired directly into the facility.  

Can you please verify that you are looking for the provider to provide the District new SIP circuits and voice channels (keeping the numbers the same) and not layer the new voice service over the District’s existing internet connections? 

Answer:  What we are referring to in the RFP is a distributed connection model as opposed to a centralized access model.  In response to the question, yes, vendors may utilize existing school internet connections to deliver SIP trunk services as long as the individual school bandwidth can provide acceptable Quality of Service (QOS) levels.