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Questions & Answers dated 12-21-16 pertaining to the SIP and PRI Telephone Services RFP

Questions/Answers dated 12-21-16 pertaining to the SIP and PRI Telephone Services RFP


1.  Question:  Can you please provide a list of specifically which product (SIP or PRI) you prefer or can support by location? 

Answer: We prefer SIP at all locations should our budget allow based on the pricing, but can support both SIP and PRI at all locations.   

 2.  Question:  Can you provide an actual count of required SCC (Simultaneous Call Capacity) by location? Otherwise, our proposal will only be estimated only. 

 Answer:  Please provide estimates as actual counts of the required SCC by location is not currently available.   

3.  Question:  Can you provide a network diagram showing all sources of external Internet bandwidth for the design of backup/failover?  Typically, design of Backup/Failover would be done separate from the RFP and requires significant interaction between the customer’s network/technical staff and Broadview engineers. 

 Answer:  Each school has a dedicated internet connection.      

4.  Question:  Manchester School District is requesting signature from our scheduled Corporate Officers. Is it acceptable to have Presidential level to sign? 

 Answer:  It would be acceptable to have employees who are not officers who are authorized by your board sign on behalf of the company when executing the necessary RFP documents. 

5.  Question:  Acknowledgement by Proposer – If an LLC? We are now an LLC, may we respond?  If so, to which category on the General Bidder document do we use when signing? 

 Answer:  We have revised the General Bidder document and posted at Addendum #2 on the website.  The revised document includes an area for LLCs to sign and notarize. 

6.  Question:  May we have a WORD.doc version of the Internet RFP and the SIP/PRI RFP? 

 Answer:  Unfortunately, we do not send out WORD.doc versions of these documents.  This ensures that none of the language in the RFPs we have posted is altered from the original posting.  Unfortunately, since none of the items within the posting are excel spreadsheets there is no way for us to send those pages with a password protection for the areas we do not wish altered.