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Questions & Answers dated 12-22-15 pertaining to the District Fiber Switch Upgrade RFP

Questions/Answers dated 12-22-15 pertaining to the District Fiber Switch Upgrade RFP

 1.  Question:   Is there any type of diagram that represents the “existing” network that will         

                                be upgraded?

                            a.  Is there a diagram of the “proposed” new network?

                            b.  Is the new network to be 10GbE ?

                            c.  Is there a plan for redundancy on both fiber and/or equipment (no single      

                                    point of failure design)?

  Answer:    No, there is not a diagram of the “proposed” new network.  The

                         equipment is a 1 for 1 replacement.

                         No, the new network is not to be 1GbE. We will stay with 1GB

                         mini GBIC.

                         No, there is no plan for redundancy on both fiber and/or    

                         equipment. The existing network design will not change.

 2.  Question:  Is there a listing of all sites, with address that will receive new equipment?

                                If there is no proposed exact equipment list, can we get the following:


                            Port count required per location?


                          Port type per location (SMF, MMF, 1GbE, 10GbE, 1000TX ?

  Answer:    No, here is not a listing of all sites, with address that will

                          receive new equipment.

                         An exact equipment list has been provided within the RFP.

3.  Question:   Is there documentation on the specifications of existing fiber?

 Answer:   No

4.  Question:   Page 3: “Term”, are we to quote 1 year on all Smartnet contracts as well ?

 Answer:   Yes

 5.  Question:  Page 3: #2, can you clarify if this pertains only to Cisco Smartnet, to the     

                               vendor during install, or for the duration of a 1 year support contract from the                

                               installing vendor ?

  Answer:    For the duration

 6.  Question:  Page 4: #6.  Is this existing equipment that the owner is looking to purchase  

                               Smartnet for? Or is this the existing equipment that is to be replaced?

  Answer:  The equipment to be replaced

7.  Question:  Is there a listing of all equipment that is expecting to “stay behind” and integrate

                               with the new Fiber Network ? 

 Answer:  No

8.  Question:  Does any of the current equipment that provides “WAN” connectivity also provide  

                               connectivity for other devices ?


                            Security Cameras?

 Answer:  No

9.  Question:  Is there a way to schedule a walk-thru if desired?

 Answer:  No, not at this time                                   

10.  Question:  Is there a network diagram that can be shared?

         We can send an encrypted email, to which your reply would be encrypted, if    

          a diagram is available – I am also available to come pick it up

         We can engage in a non-disclosure agreement if necessary

 Answer:  No

11.  Question:  What are the port counts for the 3750X switches?

 Answer:      12 Port SFP fiber 

12.  Question:  Do you need 1GB or 10GB SFP modules?

 Answer:  1GB SFP 

 13.  Question:  The RFP indicates SX and LX SFP modules – is this reference to short     

                                  range and long range SFP modules, respectively?

  Answer:  Yes

14.  Question:  Will the City be stacking the 3750X with existing 3750 model switches?

          If not will these new switches be stacked?

 Answer:  No

 15.  Question:  Need layer 2 or layer 3?

          For layer 3 – which routing functionality (static/RIP/OSPF/EIGRP)?

 Answer:     Need OSPF routing capability

 16.  Question:   Need POE on all switches?

          Which devices will be powered (access points, cameras, etc.) and how         


 Answer:  No

 17.  Question:    Is the City open to suggestions other than the 3750X if we think there is a   

                                   better solution?

  Answer:  Yes

 18.  Question:    Is there a particular 3750X that you would like quoted?

  Answer:    12 Port Fiber Aggregate Switch

 19.  Question:      Did you need –L/LAN (Layer 2), -S/IPBase (Basic Layer 3)?

  Answer:    Needs OSPF routing capability

20.  Question:       24 or 48-ports? 

  Answer:  12 port 

21.  Question:      

 Answer:  1GB/SFP 

22.  Question:     Did you need single or dual AC power?

  Answer:    Single

23.  Question:      Did you need to stack these switches?

  Answer:  No