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Questions & Answers dated 3-15-19 pertaining to the Special Education Nursing Services RFP

Question #1:   What is the anticipated caseload per therapist per discipline?

Answer:  Typically we hire nurses for 1:1.

Question #2:  What was the annual expenditure from this contract for the last school year?

Answer:  The annual expenditure was $600,000.


Question #3:  Does the district intend to award multiple vendors?

Answer:   No

Question #4:  What would be the payment terms of the district for this RFP?

Answer:  The district issues checks once a month.

Question #5:   What are the required documents for the providers to start working at the district?   For Example: Fingerprint, State License, Criminal Background Check, TB Test, any other specific Certifications.

Answer:  Fingerprinting for a criminal background check through the Manchester School District with results coming to the District, applicable active NH professional license in good standing, no TB test required, and ensure contracted personnel are not on the “List of Excluded Individuals/Entities” for Medicaid reimbursement (LEIE), no other certifications needed.

Question #6:  In the event that the district will find a permanent employee of the district and our services will no longer be needed, will the district provide the awarded vendor with a 30 day termination written notice?

Answer:  Yes

Question #7:   How many working days will be in the school year for contracted providers?

Answer:  180 plus ESY summer programming as needed.

Question #8:    Have your current providers been able to meet all of your needs?

Answer:  At this time, we have had to use multiple vendors to meet our needs.

Question #9:    Are resumes requested or required with our proposal or at the time of the award?

Answer:  At the time of the award.

Question #10:  How many contracted hours of services were utilized last year?

Answer:  Please see RFP.

Question #11:  Does the vendor provide the equipment/materials to be used for services?

Answer:  Please see the Scope of Proposal on page 5 of the RFP.

Question #12:  How much lead-time will selected agencies have to prepare for interviews?

Answer:  We will work with the selected agency in a collaborative fashion.

Question #13:  Please provide a list of current vendors, respective rates, and how many providers were provided by your current vendors.

Answer: Ready Nurse -

LNA: $21.25/hr

LPN: $35.25/hr

RN: $41.25/hr

Current positions being filled: RN 6, LPN 5, LNA 11

Question #14:  Are therapists required to utilize a service log to notate direct and indirect services hours?

Answer:  Yes

Question #15:  Is the district open to new graduates?

Answer:  We are open to all qualified individuals.

Question #16:  Will the district provide supervision for new graduates?

Answer: No

Question #17:  Who are the current vendors providing nursing services?

Answer:  See question 12.

Question #18:  How many hours in a full-time day?

Answer:.  6.5 hours per day, but may vary based on individual student needs.

Question #19:  Do you require a copy of our Certificate of Insurance to be included in our bid submission?

Answer: Please refer to the “Selection” section on page 8 items Y and Z for details.

Question #20:   What is the total duration of this contract?

Answer:  Please see RFP under General Terms and Conditions-page 3, item I. Contract Period.

Question #21:   Do you require vendors to guarantee provision of therapy services or is it understood that we will begin recruiting on a best efforts basis?

Answer:  It is our expectations that the vendor is able to provide the services.

Question #22:  Can pricing increase during the term of the contract?

Answer:  No

Question #23:   Our therapists can complete necessary paperwork for the district to bill and receive reimbursements from Medicaid, but we do not bill Medicaid directly. Is this in alignment with your expectations?

Answer:  MSD will bill Medicaid but it will be expected for the vendor to complete the necessary paperwork.

Question #24:   Do we need a local office to be awarded?

Answer:  This is not necessary. The vendor needs to make themselves available for phone conversations or meetings as needed.

Question #25:   Are we able to submit rates for additional modalities we are able to service that are not requested in this RFP?

Answer:   Yes

Question #26:   Do you have any current needs?

Answer:   Please see RFP.

Question #27:  On page 10, we should not sign or date anything?

Answer:  This is a document that we would need signed prior to the nurse starting.

Question #28: On page 14, since we are a corporation we only fill out the “If Corporation” section? SS would be our EIN #?

Answer:  Yes, that is correct.

Question #29:  On page 16, Federal Tax Identification number is our EIN?

Answer:   Yes, that is correct.