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Questions & Answers dated 9-19-13-Priority School Principal Mentoring-Coaching RFP

Questions & Answers pertaining to Priority School Principal Mentoring/Coaching RFP


September 19, 2013


     Q.  Does the Proposal Summary’s maximum page count refer to only items #9 and #10 on pages 4 and 5?

     A.  Yes, the two pages is only for items #9 and #10.


      Q.  Do the four planning components listed on page 3 infer the order in which 

            services are expected to be provided? 

      A.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be done in that order if the mentor/coach has a

            different idea.


      Q.  What is the total number of coaching days the district wishes to offer in the

            2013-2014 school year? 

      A.  We want to hear from the proposers what they believe that they need for time in

            order to provide adequate coaching.