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Questions-Answers Dedicated Internet Access-Middle & High Schools

Questions/Answers pertaining to Dedicated Internet Access-Middle & High Schools RFP dated 12-08-14

 1.  Question:    The RFP mentions a desire for 250MB at the High Schools & Middle Schools. Our Ethernet Dedicated Internet product scales in 100MB increments up to 1GB.  We can deliver 200MB or 300MB and will reflect that on the RFP response.  Is that ok?

  Answer:    200MB would be the appropriate speed.

 2.  Question:    Is the appropriate speed of 200MB for all eight schools or just the High Schools? If just the High Schools, what is the appropriate speed for the Middle Schools?

  Answer:     The appropriate speed for the High Schools is 200MB and for the Middle Schools is 100MB.

 3.  Question:   Can I bid on both 150Mbps replacing existing and 250Mbps option?   To clarify, you have 2 scenarios with 150Mbps or 250Mbps to each  of the 8 schools.  Can I submit 150Mbps pricing along with 250Mbps?

  Answer:     Yes.

 4.  Question:   Each of the 8 schools will receive pricing for 100Mbps or 250Mbps? 

  Answer:     We are looking for pricing at the Middle schools for 100mbps and at the High schools 250mbps.

 5.  Question:   The 100Mbps to 1 Gig is that for each of the 8 schools as well?   To clarify, the pricing grid for 100Mbps-1 GIG is that for each of the 8 schools?

  Answer:    Yes.