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Questions & Answers-Fresh Cooked Deliever Pizza 7-23-15

Questions & Answers pertaining to Delivered Fresh Cooked Pizza RFP

July 23, 2015

 Q. Does the vendor need to have the ability to produce up to 600 pizzas per day or per week for the school?


A. Vendor needs to have the ability to produce 600 pizzas per day. That number is not the typical daily quantity, but on occasion we may               request delivery to more schools than  usual.


Q. When asking for a 16” pizza do you want the vendor to use a 16” pan or provide a finished product that is 16”?


A. We are asking for a finished product of 16”.


Q. Please verify that each pizza must be made with 26 oz dough.


A. This size dough ball was selected in order to ensure that after cooking, each slice meets the bread/grain component requirement for USDA          school lunch program across all grade levels.