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Questions & Answers pertaining to Dedicated Internet Access Elementary Schools RFP dated 1/9/19

  1. QUESTION: Is there a bid meeting or walkthrough?  I want to make sure I do not miss any mandatory meetings.  



    2. QUESTION:  Is the district looking for installation services or just hardware licensing?


ANSWER:  See question #5 for clarification.


    3. QUESTION:  Is the district seeking ERate funding for the SLA based service  

          agreement? I ask because funding for management of internal connections has  

          become more compliant in recent years.


ANSWER:  The district is not seeking bids for management of Internal Connections.  On

           the Form 470 we did list BMIC and MIBS because at times USAC considers some of the

           software SKUs to include either or both of these services.

   4. QUESTION:  Will the district need any cabling?




   5. QUESTION: Can you please tell me if the below RFP’s require installation or not.




a.) District Internet Access Elementary Schools RFP:  The District
currently has internet access at all schools so whatever equipment that is required to provide internet services from your business to our schools.

b.) District Wide Access Point Licensing RFP: Just licensing is required.

c.) District Wide Elementary SAU and High School Firewall Licensing RFP: Just licensing is required.

d.) District Wide Network Switch Replacement Middle: Yes, installation is required.

e.) Middle School Firewall Upgrade RFP:  No, installation required.