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Questions/Answers pertaining to Digital Multi-Functional Products (MFPs) dated 5-13-15

Questions/Answers pertaining to Digital Multi-Functional Products (MFPs) dated 5-13-15:

1.  Question:  Could you tell us what products you will be replacing…KMBS, Toshiba, etc.?

     Answer:  The 95 ppm machines we are looking to replace are currently RICOH products.  The 35 ppm machine is a Konica and the color 60-65 ppm machine is a B&W Konica machine the school is looking to upgrade to a color machine.

2.  Question:  I noticed you allowed for a 5 page a minute difference for the 60/65 ppm option but not the others.  As long as we meet all of the other specs would you allow us to quote a 90 ppm and 31 ppm desktop?

     Answer:  We need to be firm on the 95 ppm machines based on where we are putting these machines in our schools.  I need to be sure those vendors who respond quote with the most durable product they have.  The Buyers Lab Report I used to compare machines available in the industry showed me most vendors can meet at least the 95 ppm spec thus giving us a very dependable durable product which will hold up in our schools and handle the large volumes they do…and save us a good deal of frustration. 

For the requirements on the 35 ppm machine we are requiring vendors to meet the 35 ppm spec. The school I am putting this in is either going with the table top model or a free standing model price dependent.  This school only has two other older machines, and I don’t want to compromise on speed as they already don’t have many machines there and the ones they have are aging quickly. I need to give them something decent to work with.

With regard to your question on the 60-65 ppm color machine the minimum speed specification for the color machine is 65 page/minute B&W and 60 page/minute color.  To better clarify the 60 ppm and 65 ppm figure really have nothing to do with each other.  One is representative of the B&W feature of the machine and the other the Color feature.

3.  Question:  On page 10 it asks for an Annual Lease $1 Out Option.  Can you explain what you are looking for here in further detail?

     Answer:  We are looking for a lease program where we can make three annual payments.  For example, one payment each year for three years vs. a monthly payment over three years.  MST which is the school looking to purchase this machine requested a 3 installment pay plan.  They only way that we could ensure we gave them this option was to ask vendors to offer some sort of lease program where they can make an annual payment each year for three years. If you have some other payment option that would work to accommodate what we are looking for you are free to present it in your response.

4.  Question:  Can you send us the results of the last Copier RFP?

     Answer:  Yes, anyone wishing to obtain a copy please email: and a copy will be returned to you via email.