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Questions/Answers pertaining to Emergency Notification System RFP dated 8-18-14

Questions-Answers relevant to RFP for Emergency Notification System dated 8-18-14:

Question #1:  Is it possible for us to receive an electronic format of the bid to answer all of the questions?

Answer:  A downloadable copy of the RFP in word format has been posted to the website (see Addendum #1).

Question #2:  Would there be a time for us to setup a quick conference call to discuss the opportunity?

Answer:  In an effort to keep the process fair for all, the District does not engage in pre-conference calls/interviews prior to the due date of the RFP.  Any interviews will be scheduled as outlined in Section IX of the RFP.

Question #3:  Can you tell me what Emergency Notification System is currently being used by the Manchester School District?

Answer:  The District is not currently using an Emergency Notification System.