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Questions & Answers pertaining to Food Management Services for Parker Varney Elementary School RFP dated 6-26-15

Questions and Answers for Food Management Services for Parker Varney Elementary RFP

June 26, 2015

 1.)  For the upgrade of the facility should the cost of electrical and plumbing work be include in our proposal or just design and                  installation?

      Yes, these costs should be included. 

2.)  If we are to include electrical and plumbing are there specific contractors or school facilities employees we would be required               to use?

       The school district does not have facilities employees to carry out these projects.  The City Facilities Department needs to be advised                whenever projects are occurring and can recommend contractors familiar with city buildings if need be.

 3.)  How many AMP service is there that services the kitchen at Parker Varney?

       The electrical panel in the kitchen is 120/208 volt, 225 amp.

 4.)  Is there any natural gas connection available in the kitchen?

       There is no provision for gas hook up in the kitchen.

 5.)  What is the size of the water heater(s) that supplies hot water to the kitchen?

      The hot water heater holds 68 gallons.

 6.)  In addition to the information in Exhibit B of the RFP could you please provide how many days per year food service workers at            Parker Varney are scheduled, how many PTO days they receive annually and any other benefit costs associated with those specific        employees?

      Food service employees at Parker Varney work all regularly scheduled school days, make up days, and one (1) prep day prior to the start of       the school year. Employees receive eight (8) paid holidays per year. A ninth holiday is paid if school starts prior to Labor Day. Employees           accrue sick time monthly at a rate of 1.25 times their average daily hours worked. Temporary or substitute employees are not eligible for             Holiday or sick time pay. 

      Other benefits costs currently run at approximately 38% of gross labor costs.

 7.)  If the FFVP is going to be operated by Parker Varney food service employees and grant funds are used to offset the cost of any              labor hours listed in exhibit B, please either provide the total grant amount or the amount of grant funds used towards the labor            used in exhibit B during school year 2014-2015.

      The hours in exhibit B of the RFP are the normally scheduled hours exclusive  of FFVP hours.

 8.)  Please confirm the student reimbursable breakfast selling price for SY2015-2016.

        The paid meal prices for 2015-2016 have not been confirmed at this time; please use the 2014-2015 prices.

  9.)  Please confirm the meal equivalency rate for a student reimbursable meal and a reimbursable snack is 1:1, the same as student            reimbursable lunches?

        As we understand the question: Do all served meals count the same for per meal management fee calculations?

        Lunch counts as 1 meal, Breakfast as ½ meal, and snack as 1/3 meal. We would request that management fee be calculated accordingly           if flat fee method is not used.

 10.)  It appears based on Parker Varney students’ free and reduced eligibility and current participation levels, the reimbursable                      lunches are eligible for the severe need lunch reimbursement of an extra $.02 per meal. On Schedule F (RFP page 28)                            Reimbursement Rates to be used by FSMC, the rates listed for lunch are not inclusive of the severe need rate. Would the district          like the FSMC to include the severe need lunch reimbursement rate of an additional $.02 per lunch in the Schedule E response?

         The District currently qualifies for severe need breakfast but not severe need lunch.

 11.)  Can the District please provide the annual expense for SY15-16 of the District employed Food Service staff for Parker Varney                  Elementary School that all responding FSMC should include in their financial projections and financial guarantee?

         We expect the FSMC to propose anticipated staffing projections that will enable them to meet their proposed program objectives.

 12.)  Due to the RFP’s specifications for cooking on site next year at Parker  Varney, if the FSMC recommends the staffing schedule             for SY15-16 at Parker Varney Elementary to be more than the 2 current employees listed at the school in Exhibit B, can the SFA             provide the annual cost of a 3rd employee (i.e. cook) which will need to be included in the FSMC financial guarantee?

        See Pay rates in exhibit B.

 13.)  Per Schedule A, Cost Responsibility Survey, the FSMC is checked as the party responsible to pay for trash removal from                     premises, kitchen telephone/internet, pest control, and utilities. Please confirm this is correct. If it is correct, what is the annual             cost for these expenses at Parker Varney Elementary that the District would like all responding FSMC’s to use in their financial             projections and guarantee?

        Trash Removal--$875.00/yr


        Pest Control--$240.00/ year (Routine visit only, Costs of any necessary treatments as billed by vendor.)


        These are current costs, in addition FSMC will be charged any increased costs incurred by District due to addition of kitchen equipment.

 14.)  The RFP specifies (see Page 9, paragraph 12.1) that all federally donated commodities received by the District may be made                  available to the FSMC. However, due to the nature of the RFP which is only for Parker Varney Elementary School, and the                    specialized nature of the FSMC menus to be served, we would like to ensure that we receive the Federally donated commodities            credit per meal for serving reimbursable student meals. Will the district allow cash-in-lieu of the commodities, to be credited to            the FSMC’s operating budget? For example, using the $.2475 per meal commodity entitlement value and  serving approximately            40,000 meals, the FSMC will receive a credit to the operating program of $9,900 for the value of food commodities received                    across the entire Manchester Public Schools District.

         It is the District’s intent that the FSMC will order from the monthly available commodities up to Parker Varney School’s annual entitlement          dollar amount.

 15.)  Upon arrival, where do the students sit/gather in the morning before the star of the school day? How long are students held in             that location?

         Upon arrival students go to their homeroom or to the cafeteria for breakfast.  Students arrive at approximately 8 AM. Breakfast is served            from 8:05 AM until approximately 8:25 AM.

 16.)  Where is breakfast currently offered/served to the students each morning?

         Breakfast is served in the cafeteria. Some teachers allow students to go to the cafeteria and get breakfast after the regular serving time              and bring it to the classroom. 

17.)  How are students currently accounted for in the point of sale system when they take a breakfast?

         Students typically retrieve ID cards from their classroom and bring them down to breakfast. Students not having their ID are accounted for          by printed roster.

 18.)  Please confirm projected number of service days for breakfast and lunch for SY15-16.

         The current calendar for SY15-16 reflects 180 service days. This calendar is subject to change pursuant to the ratification of the teacher            contract.

 19.)  Is there any catering revenue at Parker Varney Elementary School that the FSMC will assume with operation of food service                 management at the building? If so what is the SY14-15 catering revenue.

         Catering revenue is minimal consisting typically of milk and cookies for kindergarten registration 2 times per year and the purchase of ice            cream tubs on behalf of the PTG for their annual ice cream social fund raiser.

 20.)  Please confirm, in schedule E in the RFP on page 25, there should be a line added that states, “total labor”, and a sum total line            that is titled (E). The “EXPENSE TOTAL” on page 26 would then be the sum of “C+D+E+F+G”.

         Yes there is a missing total line. FSCM should add a total labor line, designated as (D.1).  The “EXPENSE TOTAL“ on page 26 and page            27 formula is incorrect, line (C) should not be included . The formula should be the sum of (D+D.1+E+F).

 21.)  Is page 27 a duplicate page that does not need to be completed and submitted? The “administrative fee” listed on page 27 is also         included on page 25 in “Other Expenses”.

         Page 27 is a calculation page for the FSMC to display calculation of the “administrative fee”.

 22.)  Schedule E does not have any lines for snack reimbursement revenue  and snack food costs. Can the FSMC add this information          to Schedule?

         Yes this information can be added in the Total income section and the Food Cost section.

 23.)  Please confirm if alternate bids will be allowed.

         Proposals are to be structured per the posted RFP.

 24.)  Please clarify performance bond details outlined in the RFP.

         Regarding Section 16.2 on page 13, a check is not required at the time of proposal submittal. A performance bond will be required at the            time a contract is awarded. As indicated in 2.1 c on page 4 ,”A surety letter from an acceptable bonding or surety company indicating                  ability to obtain the bond must be included with the proposal.”