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Questions & Answers pertaining to Future of Learning RFP dated 7-28-14

Questions/Answers pertaining to Future of Learning RFP dated 7-28-14


1.  Question:  The proposal content to be addressed appears to be Section 5. Under Section 6, which is Content of Proposal, there is no specific section identified where the info from Section 5 should go. Please confirm putting Section 5 after part 2 of Section 6 would be fine.


     Answer:  Yes, Section 5 can go before or after Section 6.


2.  Question:  Would the District please elaborate on previous or current initiatives or work within the District informing this particular RFP?

     Answer:  Work has been done to different degrees at different schools. The schools this RFP was written for have quite a bit of tech training, other personalized learning training and equipment. They don't specifically have a system for school or classroom use.


3.  Question:  Does the District have a general budget range for this RFP initiative that can be shared?

     Answer:    We choose not to share a budget as we are looking for the most economical bid that provides quality service. A tiered set of choices would be acceptable.


4.  Question:  What management systems are in place in the District (i.e. Student Information System, Learning Management System, Instructional Management System)?

     Answer:    The district uses Aspen for its student info system.


5.  Question:  The RFP states that "your proposal summary is not to exceed two pages" (section 10, cost proposal). Section V outlines the "requirements of the consultant" (e.g. needs assessment, facilitation plan, on-site training, and a measurement tool). Are you looking for us to describe our approach to addressing the "requirements of the consultant" within 2 pages? Can additional pages be used to describe the approach to personalized learning and past/current experience in personalized learning?

     Answer:    Yes, additional pages can be used for the description.