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Questions & Answers pertaining to the Legal Services RFP dated 10-15-19

1.  Question:  What is the estimated number or rang of attorney hours per month that the Manchester School District anticipates needing under a contract for legal services? 

      Answer:   Currently we pay for approximately 95 hours per month.  We expect that number to drop substantially once we hire an in house attorney. 

 2.  Question:  To clarify the bullet point on page 6 of the RFP that reads “To attend meetings of the Manchester Board of School Committee and other meetings as requested,” is regular attendance at Manchester Board of School Committee meetings required?  

      Answer:  Regular attendance is not currently required and is requested on an as needed basis. 

3.   Question:  Are non-meetings with legal counsel regularly scheduled?  

      Answer:  No, these meetings are also scheduled on an as needed basis.