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Questions & Answers pertaining to Paper Products dated 7-23-15

Questions & Answers pertaining to Paper Products and Non-Food Supplies RFP 

July 23, 2015 

Q. Can you supply award pricing and winning vendors from the last bid?

A. Refer to 2014 Paper Products RFP Results below. (Please note that items are occasionally purchased from a

non bid vendor if minimums can’t be met or for logistical reasons.)

Q. Based on past ordering history can you tell us about how often orders are placed by

the various schools (weekly, monthly, quarterly or other) and approximately how

many cases of plastic gloves, vinyl gloves, and trash liners are ordered at a time.

A. The ordering frequency varies by school. The Middle and High schools typically

order monthly. The commissary at the Beech St. Elementary School may order more

often as they supply some products to the other 13 Elementary Schools.

  The Elementary Schools are satellite operations with limited space. This past school

year they ordered gloves, trays, cutlery kits, and 6 oz food boats as they came from

the same vendor. They usually order monthly or every 3 weeks depending on their

usage and storage capability

  Glove orders per school per delivery vary from 2-6 cases depending on the school.

Trash liners were delivered to one location and distributed by the School District

School Food Service drivers.

  The volume is greater per order at the Beech St. School commissary due to the

supplying of some items to the elementary schools.


Tammy Hanna,
Jul 23, 2015, 11:50 AM