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Questions & Answers pertaining to the Administration Internet Access Form #470 posting #190010624

     1. QUESTION: Is there an RFP associated with this?  


ANSWER: No. We are looking for quotes on internet access for our administrative offices located at 20 Hecker Street, Manchester, NH.  Please refer to the Form 470 #190010624 posting for specifics.


      2. QUESTION: Are you looking for business class or Ethernet based internet?


ANSWER: Business Class

      3. QUESTION: I saw your posting for the Admin Internet access.  As you know, we have

           fiber at West HS.  Is there connectivity available between the HS and the SAU office?   

           Meaning, if we dropped off our circuit for the Admin at the same place in the building

           where we delivered the fiber for West, is there a cable run from the HS tech closet to the

           SAU’s? Or, would we need to bring it into a different place in the building?

ANSWER:  No.  We currently have two separate services.