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Questions & Answers pertaining to the Art Supplies RFP dated 4-13-16

Question:  We will be participating in your Art Supplies Bid 2016-2017 due date April 22.  Can you forward a recap from last year’s bid? This will help us be as competitive as possible when competing the new bid.  

Answer:  This information will be available upon written request via email to the district.  You may email

 Question:  For this bid is it enough if I just submit the catalog discount?  In other words is it just enough to list a % discount off our catalog and not offer specific pricing on the specific items in your market basket listing?

Answer:  You may choose to submit just a discount off your catalog.  However, it would be recommended and advantageous for you to offer both a discount off your catalog as well as offer specific pricing on the items in our market basket listing.