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Questions & Answers pertaining to the Benefits Consulting Services RFP dated 11-12-15

Questions/Answers pertaining to the Benefits Consulting Services RFP dated 



1.  Question:   Being under the initial understanding that the school system was tied into the City’s overall benefits strategy, budgets and benefit provider partners, could you confirm that the school system operates autonomously for decisions regarding benefits strategy and administration?


     Answer:   Yes


2.  Question:  Does the school system have its own payroll/HRIS system?

     Answer:  Yes.


3.  Question:   Who is the District’s current employee benefits broker/consultant?

     Answer:    Workplace Benefits Solutions A Hub New England Company, Manchester, NH


4.  Question:  What is the current annual fee or commission ($) paid to the broker/consultant?

     Answer:     $78,273


5.  Question:    Does the district prefer a commission or a fee proposal?

     Answer:     The district would prefer a fee proposal.