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Questions & Answers pertaining to the Copy/Laser Printer Paper RFP dated 3-27-19

Question 1:  If applicable, who is the incumbent(s) for these services and for how long have they served the Manchester School District (the District) in this capacity?

Answer: The incumbent is Central Paper company for our copy/laser printer paper purchases for the 2018-2019 school year.  We have used them as a vendor in the district for various supplies including paper over the last several years.


Question 2:  If vendors do not have all the requested references, but are capable of satisfying the requirements in the solicitation, are they allowed to respond?  Or will they be disqualified?

Answer:  As stated in the RFP under Section VIII “References” 3 references are required when submitting your proposal.


Question 3:  Will respondents be disqualified or adversely impacted during the evaluation process if they were to submit exceptions to the District?

Answer:  Responders must meet all criteria in the proposal in order to be considered during the evaluations.


Question 4:  Are vendors allowed to submit warranty and refund policies which are alternative to those requested in the RFP, based on the vendors standard policies?

Answer:  Responders must meet all criteria with regard to warranty and refund policies as outlined in the RFP.


Question 5:  What is the District’s current pricing for the products requested in the solicitation?

Answer:  The current 2018-2019 school year pricing is as follows:  


                 8 ½ x 11, White, 20# $25.23/case

                 8 ½ x 14, White, 20# $36.40/case

                 8 ½ x 11, Color, 20# $39.88/case

                 8 ½ x 11, Color, 24# $90.00/case


Question 6:  How many awards does the District anticipate making?

Answer:  Please refer to Section VI. “Selection” Item F.


Question 7:  Post notification of award; will a contract forward to selected vendor(s)?

Answer:  Participating vendors will be notified of the winner.  The winning vendor will receive an award letter confirming same.


Question 8:  Can you please specify what color paper will be needed for the 20# Multiuse Paper, Colored, and the 24# Multiuse Paper, Colored?  Also, does the District require this colored paper in the 8.5” by 14” size as well?

Answer: Various colors of the 20# & 24# multiuse color papers are ordered each year.  Each year is different.  We are looking for this paper in 8/5” x 11” only as stated in the Proposal Form under section 7.


Question 9:  What types of licenses, permits, or authority to do business is needed by vendors responding to this RFP?

Answer:  There are no special licenses, permits, etc. that we require of the winning vendor.  However, all forms in the RFP must be returned with their submission and notarized as indicated.


Question 10:  Would the following statement, on Page 4, Section IV. E. be applicable to paper products? – “Guarantee that the supplies be free of all defects and that replacement will be made at the bidder's own expense for a period of one year from delivery date(s).”

Answer:  Yes


Question 11:  Must vendors supply their entire product catalog with the proposal?  Or would a catalog/brochure of only the Copy/Laser Printer Paper be acceptable?

Answer:  A complete product catalog is requested with your submission.


Question 12:  Can you please specify the details of what would be required of vendor’s shipping personnel for “inside delivery”, and where vendors would be required to bring products (such as to an office/storage room, etc.)?

Answer:  Yes, the deliveries will be required to be made inside all school buildings as well as our administration office which is on the third floor.  The administration office is equipped with an elevator as are the schools that require deliveries beyond the first floor.


Question 13:  We also had the following questions regarding invoicing:  

·         Question:  Does invoicing go to the District or each ordering location?

Answer:  Invoicing goes to the District Office.

·         Question:  Will PO’s be issued/provided with orders?

Answer:  A purchase order will be issued for each order placed.

·         Question:  In regards to the following statement on payment frequency – “Checks for payment of bills are issued by the 30th of each subsequent month” - is billing frequency limited to monthly, or is weekly billing an option?

Answer:  Monthly

·         Question:  Will PO’s be issued/provided with orders?

Answer:  Yes

·         Question:  What are the Billing/Invoicing and Billing Remittance requirements?

Answer:  Invoices should be sent immediately following delivery of the product.