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Questions & Answers pertaining to the McDonough Elementary-Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood, Fire Suppression System and Related Mechanical Equipment RFP dated 8-19-16

1.) Question:    Is the project still bidding on 08/25/2016, 12:00PM? 

Answer:   Yes, proposals are due on the date and time and will be opened and reviewed at the convenience of the school district finance department personnel.

2.) Question:     Is the mandatory pre bid meeting still on 08/17/2016, 9:00AM?

Answer:   Yes, the pre bid meeting was held at the scheduled time and place on 8/17/2016.

3.) Question:     What is the construction cost or engineer’s estimate of the project?

Answer:   The costs have not been established.

4.) Question:       What are the bonding requirements for this project? (Bid, Performance and Payment)?

Answer:   These requirements will be established upon determination of project vendor.

5.) Question:      Where can we get an updated plan holders list?

Answer:   There are no plans for this project.  Part of the scope of this RFP is to determine the appropriate equipment and equipment placement within the facility to meet exhaust and air movement requirements.

6.) Question:       Has there been an addendum issued since the bid document was released?

Answer:    No, there has not been any addendums.

7.) Question:  Can we get a copy of the 8/17/2016 mandatory site visit sign in sheet for the McDonough Elementary School Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood project which is due on 8/25/2016?

Answer:  There were two vendors who attended the mandatory site visit for this project on 8/17/2016.

They were as follows:

Tri-State Fire Projection, LLC-Attendees:  Chris Hill and Wayne Mulligan

LRC Fire Safety-Attendees:  Lloyd Chipman