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Questions & Answers pertaining to the Medicaid to Schools Documentation and Billing System RFP dated 1-27-20

Question 1:   Can you please clarify if the scope includes the Medicaid claiming and billing services?  Or is the District seeking a system only?   


Answer 1:  The District is open to both approaches regarding the collection of data and billing services.  

Question 2:   Who is the incumbent contractor? 


Answer 2:  MSB Consulting Group, LLC

Question 3:  What is the current contract value? 


Answer 3:  3% of revenue, July 2018-June 2019 school year: approximately $57,000

Question 4:  What is the District’s budget for this project?


Answer 4:  3% of revenue

Question 5:  [in regards to] Requirement V.F:  What payroll data will need to be obtained from Munis and how does the District plan to use that data in the MTS?

Answer 5:  Salary plus benefits of Medicaid billable staff to fulfill the State of NH requirement, "Enrolled school providers shall bill by unit of service and submit claims for payment that include the actual cost to the fiscal agent". 


Question 6: [in regards to] Requirement IV.B:  Does the District have a preferred pricing structure?  For example, a contingency fee versus a firm fixed price? 


Answer 6:  3% of revenue


Question 7:  [in regards to] Requirement VI.A:  While the contract award is scheduled for March 23, 2020, what is the expected date for cut over from the current MTS system to a new MTS system? 


Answer 7:  Unknown at this time