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Questions & Answers pertaining to the Reading and Mathematics Electronic Intervention RFP dated 12-10-14

Questions/Answers pertaining to Reading and Mathematics Electronic Intervention RFP dated 12-10-14

 1.  Question:   Page 5 states, “Your proposal summary is not to exceed two pages.”  Does the two page limit apply to item #10 Cost of Services or to item #9 Proposal Summary on page 4?

      Answer:   It applies to item #9 Proposal Summary on page 4.

 2.  Question:  Do you currently use an electronic intervention solution for grades K-5?  What is it?

     Answer:  Yes, we do currently use a variety of electronic intervention solutions.  Dreambox and Iready are two examples.

 3.  Question:   How do you propose to use this solution (computer lab, blended learning, 1:1 initiative, intervention, etc.) and for what population (all students, targeted groups, etc.)?

     Answer:    The solution may be used in any of the ways suggested as it may possibly be used in 8 different schools and generally it will be for all students.

 4.  Question:  How many teachers would need to be trained on the solution?

     Answer:     A best guess is about 160 teachers would need to be trained.

 5.  Question:    Do you use an assessment with students for screening and benchmarking?

     Answer:     We use Nwea for benchmarking.

 6.  Question:  Can you please tell me if you would consider a program that offers just Reading Intervention or if you want a program that combines both reading and mathematics?

      Answer:    Yes, we would consider a program that offers just Reading Intervention.

7.  Question:  Would you consider a program that addresses a subset of grades K-5, or must the program address all the listed grades?

     Answer:    Yes we would consider a program that addresses a subset of K-5.

 8.  Question:  We would like to propose our web-based i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction program – along with associated training in how to use the program and resulting data for instructional intervention - but need to confirm whether this is appropriate to the solicitation’s scope. Specifically, please clarify the RFP requirement item #8 on page 4 that states: “This RFP is strictly for consulting and evaluating purposes.” Does this mean that the District is seeking staffing/personnel to actually deliver the intervention program? Or may bidders propose a web-based intervention program with training for District personnel in how to implement it?

      Answer:   Your proposal for i-Ready Diagnostic and Instruction program would be perfectly appropriate.

 9.  Question:   Do you accept proposals from companies based outside the United States?

      Answer:  Yes, proposals from companies from outside the United States are acceptable.

 10.  Question:   The RFP states that 3 professional references are required. Do you require a letter from each reference, or is it sufficient to provide information and contact details?

       Answer:   Contact information is all we need for professional references - not a letter.

 11.  Question:   Interested in responding the RFP but the solution is only ELA and starts at 3rd grade. Are you open to applications that don’t have both subject areas and go down to K?

       Answer:  Yes we are interested in solutions that may not include the entire grade span of the school.

12.  Question:   Will the Manchester School District will be selecting a single provider or a list of vendors for the products for RFP- Reading and Mathematics Electronics Intervention?

       Answer:  We will likely select a single provider for all schools we are including in the RFP, although some schools may choose to supplement with other options.

 13.  Question:    Will the district consider a reading-only solution that covers a subset of the grades?

       Answer:  Yes, we will consider reading only and a subset of grades.

 14.  Question  Will the district be considering only digital solutions at this time, or would a hybrid (print and online) solution also be considered?

        Answer:  Yes, we would consider print and online but the preference is online only.

 15.  Question  We offer 3rd party integration with NWEA, STAR, and Scantron.  The integration gives districts the ability to assign students automatically prescribed, diagnostic learning paths and to run customized reports.  Would you like to have this feature included?

        Answer:  Yes, any interesting features are good to hear about.

 16.  Question  Our professional development bundles are designed based on a district’s goals for an implementation. Among the options are:

·         Leveraging Data to Drive Instruction

·         Blended Learning

·         Leadership Instructional Consulting and Support

·         Meeting the CCSS in ELA and Math with CompassLearning

·         Instructional Coaching -observe, model and feedback

 What is the district’s main goal in implementing this K5 initiative so we can align professional development with the district’s goals?

   Answer:  Main goal is to be able to provide instruction and practice that meets students where they are academically.

17.  Question  Is the Manchester School District actually looking for educational software products in Reading and Math for K-5, or just looking for a Consultant to do training in the areas of on-line or electronic  intervention? 

         Answer:  We are looking for educational software not just a consultant.