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Questions & Answers pertaining to the Recycling and Solid Waste Collection RFP dated 4-25-19

 1.  Question:  Are you the correct person if a site visit is needed to perform a waste assessment?

     Answer: At this point in time, there are no site visits scheduled to assess waste assessment.  If that changes, an addendum to the RFP will be posted to the bid page of our website with the pertinent information @   


2.  Question:  Can we get the bid results from 2016? 

      Answer:  For copies of the results please contact Tammy Hanna at the Manchester School District via email at:


3.  Question:  We don’t get credit for recycling due to the market conditions so there would be no recycling processing we would pass onto the district.  Is that a concern for the Manchester School District?  We still can offer a recycling program but unfortunately recycling is an issue nationwide. 

     Answer:  The district is very sensitive to the everchanging and challenging issues nationwide with regards to recycling.  With that in mind, all responses to the RFP posted will be considered with or without credits for recycling processing that could be passed onto the district.


4.  Question:  What type of service do you use now for the electronic and universal recycling?  We offer a box mail back service and a trailer service. 

    Answer:  We currently use a box delivery/mail back service.  The district is open to all options presented and that would be the most advantageous in cost to the district.