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Questions & Answers pertaining to the Recycling and Solid Waste Collection RFP dated 6-28-16

1.  Question:  This question is pertaining to Section IV part 12. 

    What types of personnel records are to be accessed and how is that

    information used. What specifically will be required when accessing

    financial records and operations records?

     Answer:  This clause is included in all city and school district contracts.   

     It is infrequently used if at all.  However, the City is committed to

     transparency in government.  We would need access to this information

     if there was a contractual issue or problem and an audit was required.  If

     they were required the city would need access to any and all financial

     records or management reports kept by the contractor in connection

     with operating this particular contract.


2.  Question:  Are the pricing sheets (Appendix B&D) available in excel

      format by chance? 

      Answer:  Unfortunately, at this time an excel formatted version of the

      pricing sheets is not available.