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Questions & Answers-Priority-Title I School Adaptive Testing System 12-16-13

 Questions/Answers pertaining to Priority/Title I School Adaptive Testing System RFP dated 12-16-13 

1.  Question:  What is sufficient insurance coverage to perform a contract resulting from the RFP?

      Answer:  The following are the standard insurance requirements by the Manchester School District for any vendor selected as part of the RFP process:


A)      Comprehensive General Liability:

          Bodily injury or Property Damage -- $1,000,000

          each occurrence and general aggregate

B)      Automobile and Truck Liability: 

          Bodily Injury or Property Damage -- $1,000,000

          each occurrence and general aggregate

Comprehensive General Liability coverage and Automobile and Truck Liability coverage may be met with a combination of coverage including excess and umbrella liability coverage.


Purchase and maintain the following types of insurance:

A)      Full Workers Comprehensive Insurance coverage for all people employed by the  

        contractor to perform work on this project.  This insurance shall be the amount of      

        $500,000 for each accident illness or disease or such other amount that may be 

        required by the most current laws of the State of New Hampshire, whichever is  


 B)      Comprehensive General Liability Insurance covering bodily injuries and property     

         damage shall also include coverage for:


1)  Injury to or destruction of wires, pipes, conduits, and similar property located below the surface of the ground, whether public or private;

2)  Collapse of or structural injury to any building or structure except those on which work under this Contract is being performed;

3)  Contractual liabilities related to bodily injury and property damage.

C)   Automobile and Truck Liability covering bodily injury and property damage covering    

       the operation of all motor vehicles and equipment, whether or not owned by the     

       Contractor, being operated in connection with the prosecution of the work under  

       this Contract. 

D)   Product and Completed Operations coverage to be included in the amounts     

       specified above for Comprehensive General Liability.

2.  Question:  Does the district have a prescribed form of contract that it intends to use for the contract resulting from the RFP or will the successful proposer have an opportunity to present its own form of contract? 

     Answer:  The contractor will have the opportunity to present their own contract. 

3.  Question:  In VI. Content of Proposals, Item 6 (p. 4) and VII. Contract Performance (p. 11), the Proposer must certify that is has never had a contract terminated for nonperformance. Does a proposer need to include in the detailed written description those instances when a contract is not related to assessment services or when it is not acting as a vendor?   

     Answer:  The detailed response should include instances when a contract is not related to assessment services but does not need to include information at a time when it is not acting as a vendor.