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Questions & Answers-Winter Sports Supplies & Equipment RFP

Questions/Answers pertaining to Winter Sports Supplies and Equipment RFP dated 10-13-14

Below are some additional specifications with regard to several of the listed bid items to help clarify for vendors the specific items we are looking for:

 1.  Question:  RE: Central High School’s Wrestling:  “Mop Heads, Various”

Are there any specs for the mop heads?  Size?  Attachment type?  Material? Mop heads come in many shapes, sizes, materials and attach to different handles.

      Answer:  No specific specs on mop head.  Standard mop head for a standard mop handle is acceptable.


2.  Question:  RE:  West High School’s Basketball: “Cups for Games”      Do these need to be Gatorade branded?  What size? Quantity in a box?

     Answer:  The cups do not need to be Gatorade branded.  8 oz or 10 oz cup is acceptable.  Quantity in a box: 1,000.


3.  Question:  RE:  West High School’s Basketball “Basketball Floor Push Mops-Floor Cleaners”        What type of floor cleaners? Is it just the mop or are cleaners/chemicals needed?  If so, what type of cleaners?

     Answer:    We are not looking for chemical floor cleaners. Standard mop/handle to clean gym floor is what we are looking for bids on.


4.  Question:  RE:  West High School’s Wrestling “Mops and Buckets”    Any particular sizes for both the mop and bucket?  Material or style of mop? Are these mop heads, heads and handles, or one piece mops? Shape of bucket?

     Answer:    We are looking for a bid on a standard mop/handle which can fit into a standard bucket of cleaner to disinfect wrestling mats.


5.  Question:  RE:   West High School’s Wrestling “Push Broom”                                                     Any particular size?  Style?

     Answer:    A standard push broom is acceptable. No particular size or model.


6.  Question:  RE:   West High School’s Nordic “Brass Brush”                                                       Size?  Style? Particular brand?

     Answer:    A standard size brass brush is acceptable. No specific brand.