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SIP and PRI Telephone Service RFP-Addendum #3 dated 12-22-16

SIP and PRI Telephone Service RFP

Addendum #3

Dated:  12-22-16

 Handling of outbound DID numbers:

MSD will need the main school BTN number to show on normal outbound calls and the extensions DID# to pass through on 911 calls. 

Our phone systems will allow us to control the outbound caller ID but we can only put in 1 entry for outbound caller ID per extension.  We typically configure each extension to outpulse the D.I.D.# to that phone extension for every call.  We need the provider to ignore what we are sending and outpulse the main billing telephone number to that site on all normal calls.  The provider needs to have the ability to recognize if 911 is dialed and then allow the outbound digits being sent from the phone system to pass through instead of showing the main billing telephone number. 

The reason we do this is so that when phone extensions call outbound (normal calls), people only see the main number and they don’t call into classrooms directly as they would if they saw the D.I.D. #.  It’s not a requirement that the state of NH can call directly back into a classroom but it is highly suggested and we setup the ability for inbound calls to the classroom using the D.I.D.#  if the state of NH dispatch center needs to call back in the event of a hang up 911 call.