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Q&A Dated 5-14-18 pertaining to SIP Services RFP

Questions and Answers dated 5-14-18 pertaining to the SIP Telephone Services RFP: 

1. This RFP posting appears to be similar, if not the same, as the solicitation posted on March 7, 2018.  Can you confirm this is a                           completely new RFP?

        Answer:  Yes, that is correct.  After careful review of the original submissions, the district was not satisfied with the proposals received.             As a result, it was decided to reject all prior submissions and re-advertise and re-post another opportunity to solicit bid proposals for this         service.

2. Does the monthly spend the district has now of $3030 include 1-POTs Line per location and 30,000 minutes.

        Answer:  The current monthly spend of $3037 per month does include one POTs (analog) line at each location, but does not include the         E911, directory listing or long distance charges.  The current rate for long distance is .025 cents/minute for intrastate long distance and            .019 for interstate long distance calling.

3. Are there any addendums to the RFP at this time:

        Answer:  Any addenda if the need arises will be posted to the district website where the RFP is posted as stated in the original posting.

4. Where is the RFP posted exactly on your website?

        Answer:  If you cut and paste this link into your browser it will take you to the page where the RFP, Addenda or any Q&As will be                     posted.

5.      We understand that the School Administration Office may be moving to West High    
         School.  Are we to bid with that knowledge, or should we bid with 195 McGregor Street 
         (Administration Offices) as an additional site since it is on the list of locations?

Answer:  At this point it time, it has not been determined at what point in time this move will occur.  As a result, we would ask vendors to         bid with 195 McGregor Street as an additional location as listed.  If and when the move occurs, we will entertain what the most cost-                effective solution will be for phone service to that this unit at the West High School location.

6.  Do we need to submit another proposal or is the one that you already have sufficient?
Answer: Yes, as this is a new posting, a new sealed proposal would need to be submitted.

7. When will the District award the contract?

Answer: There is currently no set date as all proposals would need to be evaluated and approved by the Board of School Committee             first.

8. Does the District plan on being the ALI database admin going forward, post install?

        Answer:  We do not require being the ALI database admin going forward, so long as any necessary changes are able to be made                     relatively quickly and as necessary.  

9. Does the District require proactive monitoring of circuits, or is automatic failover sufficient?

        Answer:  If this is a feature in which you would like to include in your proposal as an added benefit to the District, that would be                        acceptable.  However, it is not required as automatic failover would be acceptable.  If adding this feature, please put this as an option                from the original proposal.

10. Please describe what the district requires for redundancy.

        Answer:  We are looking for a method of being able to receive school calls with forwarding or failover at the SAU if the trunk goes down         at a school and to be able to make calls from inside the school during a provider outage.  One method as mentioned on page 16, #26 of         section C of the RFP under General Requirements, would be for the installation and use of the POTS emergency line that would be in the         principal’s office at each school for use in such situations.

11. The embedded link to the current financials is not working, could an alternative link be provided, or can a pdf copy be provided                          electronically?
        Answer: Here is the link to the previous bid for Vendor proposal and schedule as well as information about the current provider and how         much the school district currently pays.